Denise Renee

Ghostwriter | Editor | Content Strategist

Atlanta, GA

Denise Renee

Ghostwriter | Editor | Content Strategist



Ghostwriting & Structural Editing Projects

Listing of publically available examples of my ghostwriting and structural editing work.

Copywriting Sample - Long Form Sales Page

Sales copywriting example.

Copywriting Sample - Lead Capture Page

A copywriting example of a lead capture page for a free offer.

Copywriting Sample - B2B Emails

Examples of B2B email copywriting.

FEATURE ARTICLE - How CRMs Can Transform a Business

Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that fits an organization’s sales needs is critical in today’s business world. The technology helps to standardize sales processes and provide insight to the entire life cycle of your prospects and clients. Best of all, it does it a fraction of the time of manual procedures. Here are two examples of Blythco clients who experienced greater results by either implementing a CRM for the first time or by ini-tiating process improvements within their CRM which supported their business goals.
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FEATURE ARTICLE - How Transforming Sales Positively Affected a Compnay's Culture

When something isn’t working inside an organization, it takes a lot of courage to call it out and make the difficult decisions that drive change. But how do you change the trajectory of the most critical team in the company? ? Turns out, a more introspective approach was the key to creating a more engaged team, a tighter, duplicatable sales process, higher quality leads, and customers who are excited to work with us.
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Full-Time Freelancer vs Full-Time Employee: Which One is Better?

is a Marketing Copywriter and Social Media Branding strategist. She helps individuals and small businesses build their brands online so they can attract their desired opportunities. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @MeetDeniseRenee. Catch her Motivational Monday posts and more on her blog, Meet Denise Renee.

How To Rock (or Bomb) the Top 5 Job Interview Questions

If you go to a job interview, there’s a “gatekeeper” who can either recommend you for a position…..or throw your resume in the trash. Basically the words that come out of your mouth dictate if you get a dream job or get kicked out the door. This is essentially “verbal copywriting!”. So we brought in an expert to talk about this:

How To Write a Good Cover Letter for a Job

I wanted to show everyone how to write a kick ass cover letter….so I’m bringing in someone who’s read thousands of resumes, thousands of cover letters, and acts as the gatekeeper between thousands of people and the jobs they’re hunting for. Denise Renee. Denise Renee can tell you which cover letters suck, which are amazing, and which are a total waste of your time.

4 Ways Social Media Can Help Advance Your Career

Reconnecting with long lost school friends. Super cute animal videos. Staying in touch with your favorite cousin who is backpacking through Europe. Stalking your ex to see who they’re dating now. There is no denying its presence in the fabric of our daily lives; according to a Pew Survey, nearly two-thirds of American adults use social media.

What’s on Your Kindle? A Few Blytheco Read-o-Sauruses Weigh In

Truman famously said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”. I believe that reading quality books is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your career. It helps you develop the hard and soft skills, plus characteristics necessary for success. Now, I could give you a lifeless list of curated titles you should be reading as a forward-thinking professional.


Denise Renee

Hi, I’m Denise Renee. Thanks for stopping by my online portfolio!

I am an Atlanta-based ghostwriter, editor, and content strategist. Since 2017, I have been specializing in helping urban professionals write books and blogs that attract opportunities for their business or brand. My superpower is bringing my client's vision to life in their own unique voice.

But my experience is broader than that.

As a freelancer, I have been helping professionals and entrepreneurs change the course of their business or personal lives through the power of the written word in a variety of applications for over 10 years.

I have seen the impact of my work the most when I help professionals land new jobs as a direct result of the resume we collaborate on. After working with me, their best qualifications leap off the page.

Solo entrepreneurs I've worked with got excited when they started experiencing an increase in new leads and sales once I helped them transform their website copy, launch a new blog, send more effective sales emails, or punch up their social media posts.

I enjoy conducting strategy sessions and ongoing consulting calls most of all. I get to pour as much of my marketing copywriting experience into my client's brains to help them accomplish their branding objectives.

One common thread that runs through all of my current and past opportunities is that I work best with individuals and teams who are passionate about their message and movement they’re creating.

If that sounds like you, we might be a great fit for working together. Feel free to contact me at

Want to know a little bit more about me personally? Well, when I'm not busy working on a project for a client (when is that??), I'm probably doing one of three things:

1 - Making music or dancing to it.
2 - Nursing a 20oz cup of tea and a cookie at Panera Bread while pecking away on one of my own book projects.
3 - Out somewhere creating memories with my 8-year-old son... while he is young enough to still want to hang out with mom and hold my hand!

Don't forget to connect with me at and let's chat soon!



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